What is an editor?

An editor can be helpful whenever you allow a group of authors to create entries in your weblog. He or she can check the entries before they are made public. For each category that's written by a group of authors, you can decide whether it should be monitored by an editor, who needs to be a team member of the blog, or not. You can moderate the entries yourself or nominate another team member to do that. Select the particular weblog and click "Weblog" -> "Categories". You will find a list of existing categories. Select "edit" for the category of your choice. At the very end of the page, you can select the editor option. Remember to save these changes. You can manage your editors under "Community" -> "Collaboration".

How to select authors for certain categories

You can invite certain authors to comment on your weblog. Select the particular weblog and go to "Community" -> "Collaboration". There, you can invite an author by clicking "Invite new author" and entering the respective username as well as the category that user is allowed to write in. After the invited user accepts your invitation, he or she can create entries in this category. You can add or delete authors from this list at any time. Just select the "delete" button situated next to the category for the respective author. If you have allowed the same user to post into several categories but you don't want him to be able to write entries anymore, just click "Delete" next to that user. This will remove write access to all categories at once, so you don't have to remove all categories one by one. Every group of authors is given a name, which is automatically generated and is similar to the name of the category. You can rename every group of authors. The name of the group of authors does not change when you change the name of the category.

How to move entries to other categories

Next to every entry you see a drop-down menu, which gives you the option to move the entry into another category. Select the category of your choice and click the "go!" button. After that is done, you can find your entry in the desired category.

What happens to my entries if I delete a category?

Deleting a category also deletes all its entries. You will be forewarned of your action before it is implemented. If you select "delete" instead of "edit" by mistake - don't panic! Nothing will be deleted until you have confirmed the action.

How many categories can I create?

There is no limit to the number of categories you can create.

How to rename your homepage

Renaming your homepage is as easy as renaming a category. Select the specific weblog or photoblog you wish to make changes to. Choosing "wEblog" -> "Categories" will provide you with a list of existing categories including "my home page". Click the "edit" button and rename this category. Don't forget to save your changes!

What is my homepage?

Whenever you or someone else visits your weblog, your homepage will always be displayed first. This page cannot be deleted. But, like any other category, you can rename it and edit the description.

Creating an entry in a particular category

Select the particular weblog or photoblog that you wish to create your new entry. To open the editor and write your text, select "Entries" -> "New entry". Above the text window you can select the category of the weblog/photoblog under which you want to post your new entry.

How do I edit or delete a category?

In order to edit or delete categories, select the specific weblog or photoblog that you want to make the changes to. Selecting "Weblog" -> "Categories" will provide you with a list of existing categories, including the automatically generated category "my home page" (which you cannot delete). Selecting "Edit" allows you to change the name and authors of the corresponding category. Selecting "Delete" will generate a notice which requires you to confirm the deletion.

How do I create a category?

Within your on the administration pages, select the specific weblog or photoblog that you want to create a new category in. Then, click "Weblog" -> "Categories". There you will find the link "Create new category". You have the option to name the new category and decide who is allowed to publish in it. Authors can be just yourself, all liliyang users or a particular group of authors each invited by yourself.

Why use categories?

"Home life", "Work life", "A life in pictures" - these are just examples of how you could name your own categories. Primarily, categories help to structure the content of your entries and make it easier for others to navigate your weblog or photoblog. The number of categories and the names you give them are only limited by your imagination. One category is generated automatically when you first create your weblog. This default category is initially called "my home page", but it can be renamed later at your own discretion.
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