How can I change the text around my posts?

Under "Weblog -> Layout -> Entry presentation" you can change how your posts are displayed. If you don't like the constant "Modified..." notices after you edit a post, then you can get rid of it here. You can also change the format of the date or deactivate titles.

Why should I provide Archives?

It's totally up to you, but Archives are useful - especially when you or your visitors want to look back at older entries on your blog.

How do I show Archives on my blog?

Choose "Weblog -> More options -> Archive settings". Then you can decide whether you want to display archives on your weblog or not.

What are Archives?

Archives are where you store older information. On a blog, an archive shows all your posts in an ordered format. Our archives are time-based, organized by month. So your archive for "April 2005," for example, would show you all the posts that you wrote during April in 2005.

How do I change the layouts in BlogBuilder?

If you click "Edit" at "Weblog -> Layout" when using a BlogBuilder layout, the editor comes up. You can click on each of the individual areas to change the title, the left and right columns or the posts and then click on the red link "Edit". A Pop-Up window then comes up. It has three sub-menus (Colors & Fonts, Weblog and Layout), with which you can change the style of the weblog contents (Colors & Fonts), the width and the background of your weblog (Weblog) or the space of the whole layout (Layout). All numbers that indicate size should be in "px" (Pixels) or in percent. On the "Edit" Pop-Up, you can choose whether to apply your selected values to just the box of which you clicked "Edit" or to the whole weblog. This way you can set the options for the whole weblog once and then go back and modify different values for individual areas. The "Layout Modules" are in the "Palette" on the left hand side of the editor, as well as on the left and right column of the weblog. You can drag and drop these to take them off the weblog, put them on the weblog or rearrange them on the weblog. You can change the number and the alignment of the blog columns below the editor via "Choose Basic Layout".

How do I save or load templates from the BlogBuilder?

Whenever you click "Save" when modifying your BlogBuilder template, your changes are saved. Later, you can switch between different BlogBuilder layouts by going to "Weblog -> Layout -> Choose another layout" and select the template by the name you gave it.

How do I start the BlogBuilder?

Choose "Weblog -> Layout -> Choose another Layout" and click "Add own Layout". Give your layout a name and proceed. Now you are inside the BlogBuilder.

What does the BlogBuilder do?

The BlogBuilder helps you develop your own weblog layouts without any knowledge of HTML. You can change the number of columns, the order of the elements on the blog, and the colors, fonts and sizes of the boxes. With a few Drags, Drops and Clicks, your blog will have a really unique look. And if you're not 100% happy, just save your new layout and make another one - until you find the look that suits you best!

How to add a guestbook to my blog

If you want to give your visitors a dedicated place to leave messages, you can create a guestbook. Select "Community -> More options -> Guestbook". You can give your guestbook a title, create a short description, and define who is allowed to create entries (everbody or just registered users). You can also turn off the guestbook feature at any time. Click the link "to guest book" in order to edit or delete guestbook entries.

My last HTML enhancement ruined my layout - what should I do?

If you click "Reset" at "Weblog -> Layout -> Add script", all HTML enhancements are deleted. Afterwards, you can add the working enhancements one after the other.

How do I add HTML enhancements to my weblog?

Under "Weblog -> Layout -> Add script" you can add HTML enhancements such as JavaScript counters etc to your blog.

How to change the font color

You can change the font color under "Weblog -> Layout -> Colors&Fonts". You can have different colors for the title, date and font of your entries.

Different font styles and sizes

Apart from different layouts there are also a variety of font types and sizes available for your weblog. Click "Colors&Fonts" if you want to change the default font type and size of your weblog. The editor ("Entries" > "New entry") also lets you individualize the font type and size for every single weblog. You can also select bold type, italic, underscore or other formating elements - although this feature is only available for users of the IE 5.5 or Mozilla 1.4. (other browsers do not support this feature).

Is my content affected if I change the layout?

Changes in the layout only affect the visual appearance of your weblog. Your content will remain unchanged.

Can I save multiple layouts?

You can upload multiple layouts, yet you cannot save your modifications as a separate layout.

How does the preview work?

The "preview" option allows you to take a look at the changes you make before you save them. Click the "Preview" button, which is located at the very bottom of the page "Colors&Fonts". You can look at the changes and decide whether you want to save them. At the top of the screen, you will be asked whether you want to accept the changes or return to the layout menu.

Editing the color and design of my layout

You can personalize the font and color of your weblog by clicking "Weblog -> Layout -> Colors&Fonts" in your administration view. For example, If you want to change the color of the background, give a few combinations a try. There are unlimited possibilities to creating a unique weblog. But you also have the option to change the color of your entry background, the background of the calendar or the column "about me" - provided your layout allows modifications of those areas. You can change the color or font type of your entries. This includes the title, the date and the actual content. If you change the font while creating your entry, the changes will not effect your entry. You can also color the links under the menu item "links". You have the option to choose different colors for active links and visited links.

Can I use my own layout?

Yes, you can, provided your administrator has not disabled this feature. Please check our online tutorial for creating your own layout.

Can I select a new layout anytime?

Of course you can edit the layout of your weblog anytime. Click "Weblog -> Layout -> Choose another layout". You'll go to the layout overview and you can pick your new layout. Once confirmed the layout is changed instantly.

How to select a new layout

Selecting a layout is very simple. Click "Weblog -> Layout -> Choose another layout" on your weblog. You will find all available layouts and can pick any you like! To select a layout: click it, confirm it - done!
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