Images are uploading very slowly

Many images - especially photos taken with digital cameras - are very big. Their file size exceeds 500KB. With a usual ISDN connection, it takes about 15 seconds to upload a file of 100KB. 500 KB will take you more than a minute. DSL is a little faster, but uploading is only double the speed of ISDN - so you still need 30 seconds to upload the image. Some digital camera images are up to 2MB in size - even with a DSL connection, they will take you about 2 minutes to upload.

My weblog is loading slowly

If the loading time of your weblog is exceeding your patience, it's probably due to the images you have included on your weblog. You might have too many images uploaded or the displayed images are very large. If this is the case, you could try to compress - or further compress- your images. Alternatively, you could create a new category which only displays your images. However, the image category would still take long to load, but your starting page would be a lot lighter. If you only have a few pictures inserted in your entries but they are still causing problems, check to see if you have uploaded the images from your own computer or added them from another server. If the images are stored on your own computer, the best thing to do is compress and then re-load them so they take up less space. Unfortunately, you do not have any influence on the size of images on another server - the only thing you can do is to delete the picture or simply replace it with a link. If you have several images in your entries, we stongly recommend that you compress them.
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