Do I have my own URL at liliyang?

Yes, you can edit the URL of your weblog and maybe even create a subdomain. Thus, your weblog URL will bei either or

Can I enter multiple keywords?

The portal offers various search options. The easiest way is to enter multiple keywords, which are separated by a single space. The search result will show all entries which contain at least one of the keywords entered. The list will be sorted according to the relevance of the search. The first search results will contain the largest number of entered keywords. Results containing the same amount of keywords will be ranked according to the amount of times the keywords appeared. If there is not an entry which contains your keyword, there will be no search result. Alternatively, you can also search for entries that contain all of the keywords. Simply seperate the keywords with the plus sign (and do not use blanks). E.g. if you are looking for all entries about sailing in New Zealand, enter "+sailing+new+zealand". All of the entries in the search result will contain sailing as well as New Zealand. If, however, you want to find all entries which contain sailing but not New Zealand, use the minus sign, e.g. "+sailing-New-Zealand". You can enter any number of keywords and link them with either "+" or "-". Please note that only words consisting of at least three letters will be accepted. Searches are not case sensitive.

What if the search does not show a result?

If your search does not give you a result, check your entry. Try to be less specific. Try to vary your keywords slightly whenever you are using the fulltext search. If you search for more than one word, try to reduce your search to the most important keywords.

What and who can I look for?

You can search for members and weblog entries with the help of keywords. Furthermore, there is the option to search for specific keywords within a particular weblog.

Which search options are there?

The portal offers different ways to search for weblogs and users. You can perform a full text search or search for the username of other users. This search will only find users who have agreed to be listed in the members catalog. In addition to the main searches, every individual weblog offers a search function that helps you find keywords within the particular weblog, the name of the weblog or within the comments there. The search result will show all users who match your request. The search result will show a clickable username and the name of the weblog(s). Clicking the username will guide you directly to the profile of the user. Clicking the name of the weblog will lead you to the starting page of the weblog. The search result list will show you all the users whose usernames begin with the particular search item. E.g. a search for "al" will show you all the users whose names begin with "al" (alan, alfred, alex, etc.). A search beginning with "ale" will list all names beginning with "ale" (alex, alexandra, alexander, alene, alena, etc.). Entries can also be found via a full text search. You can either look for a complete word or just a fragment of a word. The search result will show you which weblogs contain the particular word or fragment. It is also possible to search for multiple words. If you select "read entry" on the search result list, you will be guided to the relevant weblog.
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