How to change the URL / name of my weblog

At first, your personal URL is by default. If you have more than one weblog, the address of your second blog will automatically be, the address of the third and so on. If you don't like the weblog name, you can change it. Make a new URL under "Weblog -> More options -> Weblog address". Note: if you change your URL, links on other sites which link to your blog will become defunct.

What is the maximum length of the name and title of a weblog?

The name and title of a weblog are limited to 80 characters. If the name is longer, the last characters will be cut off.

How do I edit the description of my weblog?

If the content of your weblog changes, why not let everyone know by changing its description. Click on the weblog you'd like to change on the administration page, and change the description of your blog under "Weblog -> More options -> Title & description". "Save" to confirm the changes.

How to edit the title of my weblog

If you want to change the title of your weblog, it's not a problem. Go to "Weblog -> More options -> Title & description" and simply change the title and/or description. Click "Save" and the new name will be active.

Is my weblog name the same as my username?

Your username and the name of your weblog are two different things. Your username allows you to login. Once you are logged in, you can rename your weblog as you wish. When you first register, the internet address of your weblog is the same as your username by default. So, if your username is "PaulP" and your weblog name is "me and my girlfriend" the URL will be initially - but you can also individualize the URL of your weblog.
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