Will my mobile number be visible if I publish an entry via MMS?

Depends on your operator. We merely post your entry and not your number, yet some operators add the number to the message text.

How do I decide which category my MMS posts are published in?

You can send a mobile message directly to a specific category. Therefore, you need to use the e-mail address that is displayed at "Weblog -> More options -> E-mail and mobile blogging" for that very category. Also, you can move an entry to another category once you have published it.

Where do I find the "@" sign on my mobile phone?

You can find the @ symbol on a mobile phone by Nokia via the "*"-key, but the special characters can be accessed in many different ways, depending on the type of mobile phone you use. If you can't find it, check out the user guide for your mobile.

How to activate entries via MMS

You will find the e-mail and mobile blogging feature under the menu item "Weblog -> More options -> E-mail and mobile blogging" of the adminstration site of your blog. This is where you can activate this feature and find the email address you have to send your posts to. You can also define your settings for entries posted via mobile.

Can I publish film and audio clips via MMS on my weblog?

You can also post videos or soundclips on your weblog via MMS. Nevertheless, some mobile phones deliver the files in very rare formats. Therefore, some users will not be able to hear or view these posts. For example, if you want to watch a film which has been recorded by a Nokia 3650 you will have to download the specific software on the Nokia homepage.

What is MMS?

MMS is the abbreviation for "Multimedia Message Service". It enables the mobile transmission of text, images, films and sounds. The messages can be sent from one mobile phone to another or to an email address. This service is supported by a growing number of new-age mobile phones. For more information please contact your network provider.

Which mobile phones and network operators are supported?

Basically all mobile phones and operators are supported, as long as they can send MMS messages by e-mail.

How to post an MMS with your mobile phone

Your network provider can accommodate you with this information. Please visit their website or go to a local store for more information on this.

Why are there adverts on my entries?

Some Email, SMS or MMS providers add their own advertising whenever you send a message. We do filter these types of advertisement out of the entry whenever you send an SMS message. If you choose to post via email or MMS you can edit your entry at a later point in time and remove any ad tags.

Why did my mobile post fail to reach my weblog?

There can be many reasons to explain this particular problem. Please check whether you have taken the following points into consideration: - have you activated mobile blogging on the administration site and inserted your PIN code? - have you sent your post to the correct email address? If you are sure that you have fulfilled all the above requirements but are still unable to send your posts, please contact your portal administrator.

Can I edit entries which I have posted via mobile or email?

You can edit or delete any entry on your weblog. It doesn't matter whether you have posted your entry via the web, your mobile phone, or via email. But you can only edit the entry via the web browser. Once you have sent an email through your mobile, you can't change this entry via your phone.

How to edit your PIN code

If you select "Weblog -> More options -> E-mail and mobile blogging" on the adminstration site of your weblog you, will find the text field "PIN". This is where you can edit your code, which needs to consist of four digits. In order to edit your PIN you have to activate mobile or e-mail blogging.

What email address do I have to send my entries to?

The email address for your weblog is made up of your weblog address and a four digit code. The code prevents unauthorized users from posting entries in your weblog. Also, you can add an identifier for the category you want to post to. If your weblog address is "carl" and your code is "1234", your basic email address is "[email protected]". If you want to post in category "vacation" of your blog, you would send to "[email protected]". Please note that the category identifier is independent of the actual name of your category. You can assign those labels and the PIN at "Weblog -> More options -> E-mail and mobile blogging".
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