The link I inserted doesn't work

First, you need to differentiate between a link in your "favorite blogs" list and links inserted into your entries. Links in your list can be edited by selecting "Weblog" > "Links" and edit the particular link and check whether the indicated address is correct. Is there a space in the address? Do the links consist of numbers, letters, backslashes, dashes and underscores? You should also check that you have added http:// as a prefix to every URL, otherwise the links may not be displayed correctly. Depending on your browser, there are several ways to check the links if you are having problems with them. Users with IE 5.5 or Mozilla 1.4 simply need to delete the link in the editor and then create a new one. If you add a link, it's best to check the address before creating it. Click "File > New window" and enter the link into the new browser. Other browsers will display the link as follows: liliyang. The relevant text begins right after href=". Between the quotation marks there must be a complete internet address. As mentioned above, this can only contain permitted characters. If you find an address error, simply enter the correct address.

How can I see who links to my weblog at liliyang?

If other users have added you to their favorite blogs by clicking the link "add to favorite blogs", you can find that list at "Weblogs -> More options -> General data". Please note: it's not possible to track if a user has linked to your blog within one of his/her entries rather than adding you to their favorites.

How to link to other weblogs

You can add links to other weblogs by creating your own "Favorite blogs" list. Log in and visit the weblog you want to add to the list. You will find a link "add to my favorite blogs" on any liliyang weblog you haven't already bookmarked this way.

Can I create a link list?

You can display links to other weblogs in one or a number of link lists. These lists will be displayed on your weblog at all times.

How to insert a link

There are two alternatives to adding links to your weblog. You can either add links to your "Favorite blogs" list or integrate them into your entries. In order to add a link, just use the feature "Add link" in your weblog editor. Clicking the feature will open a small window that enables you to insert the type of link, the address and a description. There are two kind of links you can add: email addresses and websites. If you choose "email," clicking on this link will automatically start the email program and will insert the given address in the "send to" field. "Websites" will link you to other sites on the web. Insert the address into the text field "link" - you don't have to include the "http://" preface. You can either insert "" or "". You can also name the link. This name will then be displayed as clickable text in your weblog (so you don't have to insert the whole address as the link name). Taking the example from above, you could substitute "" with the link name "liliyang". Click "insert" after you have inputed all the relevant information. The text will now include your desired link. Note: there will be differences on display depending on the browser you use: IE 5.5 and Mozilla 1.4 (or later versions) will show the link as it will appear later in your blog. Other browsers will show an HTML-code. Alternatively, you can use your "favorite blogs" list in order to display your favorite links on your weblog.

Am I allowed to use links?

Although links are generally permitted, there are some providers that prohibit links which do not direct users to their homepage but to subpages (so called "deep-links"). This is explicitly stated by the provider. If there are no such limitations, you are allowed to add any link to your weblog you like, providing that it is permissable within our terms.
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