How to manage the privacy of my entries

The easiest way to manage the privacy of your entry is to select "Weblog" > "Edit entries" and then choose "public" or "private. The visibility of your entry will change immediately.

How come I can see a private entry on my weblog?

Once you are logged in, you can not only see your public entries but also the private ones. Don't worry! The private entries are only visible to you. In order to test it out, log out and return to your weblog. Any private entries are now inaccessible.

I keep getting upsetting and annoying comments

If you receive disturbing or annoying comments from a specific person, the first step is to ask the user to stop commenting on your blog. If that doesn't work, you should consider banning the user's comments in your weblog. In the worst case, you can contact us. Send us an email with the username of the person, the kind of comments that person makes, the time period that it happens and the frequency of the comments.

I'm being bombarded with spam

Since we do not publish your email address, you must have displayed your email address somewhere yourself. In order to make sure you're not displaying your email address on your weblog, be sure not to mention it in one of your entries. You should also check email links, because email spammers have the technical ability to identify email addresses which are contained in links. Be extra careful whenever you enter your email address, because once a spammer has registered your address there is nothing you can do about it.

How to prevent certain people from contacting me

As long as you don't mention your email address in any of your entries, nobody has access to your email address via liliyang. You can also deactivate the feature "send me an email" on your "about me" page. Select "My account" > "Contact data" and choose the appropriate setting for "Contact me by e-mail". You don't have to allow comments on your entries. Also, you can deny access to specific users and allow comments from registered users only.

How do I create a private entry?

If you want to to be the only person to read certain entries, you should mark them as "private" when you save them. All other internet users (including yourself if you are not logged in) will not be able to read these entries.

Can everybody read my blog?

Although you can allow everybody using the internet to look at your weblog, you also have the option to keep entries "private". These entries can only be read by you when you are logged in. liliyang and the wider web community can only read your public entries. You can also choose to make entries visible to your friends only, or limit read access to registered users only.

Am I automatically listed in any search engines?

Yes. Google will automatically find and classify your weblog. Your weblog can also be found via an internal liliyang fulltext or member search.

Can I share my blog with others?

Yes, you can create a "Teamblog" with a defined group of people, who are allowed to be authors and create entries in your blog.

Can I remain anonymous?

You always have the option to stay completely anonymous at liliyang. When you register you do need to provide liliyang with some real details, but that information will not be published.
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