Problems with music and video uploads

If you can't access a video or music file on a weblog properly, this could be due to an incorrect link having been inserted by the weblog owner. But, there is also the chance that you don't have the appropriate player on your computer installed. For Quicktime formats you can get the player at Apple, for RealAudio or RealVideo go to RealNetworks and Microsoft will provide you with the Windows Media Player. Be carefull not to insert the video under the feature "Add image". Otherwise you will only see a defect picture. Insert the corresponding source code, whenever you want to display the video directly, into your weblog. Please also read "How to insert music and videos as direct links?". In order to substitute the long links in the weblog view, insert the link again and add a short title to it. Please do keep legal restrictions in mind when inserting audio and video content. If it is clear that linking directly to the content is not permitted, you are not allowed to insert the links into your weblog.

How to insert music and video links

First of all, you need a link to an audio or video file. Go to the website that already contains a link to the file. Click the link with the right side button of your mouse (Macintosh users press the apple key and select the link) and select "copy link". The link to the file is now saved in the clipboard and can be added into your entry with the "insert link" option. In the "Add link" window, click ctrl+v (macintosh: apple+v). Since links to multimedia files tend to be long, it makes sense to add a short description to your link. Please be aware of the legal terms of use whenever your use external audio and/or video files. Weblogs aren't outside legal restrictions or copyright law, so please be careful. Hint for HTML experts: in order to insert a video, just like an image, you have to search for the ""-tag (quicktime) or the ""-tag (RealPlayer) in the source code of the page displaying the video. Copy the code including the start- and end tags into the "html view" of your weblog. Localizing the relevant lines in the source code does require a certain level of expertise.

How to publish music or video files on my weblog

Select the "Add multimedia files" icon in the text editor in order to insert videos, mp3s or other multimedia files. A window opens and you can select the relevant file. It all works similarly to inserting an image. Because of the size of mulitmedia files, it is not recommended to upload them directly onto your weblog. Music files can be up to 3 MB in size and videos can be much bigger. In order to save your storage space and make uploading easier for your readers, it is better to link your weblog to multimedia files. Just insert the particular URL and confirm by clicking "send".
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