Interface for External Applications: XML-RPC

You can use external programs to blog, for example With these desktop blogging programs, you can write and save your posts on your computer, then send them to your weblog. Currently, we support the Blogger API, metaWeblogAPI and Movabletype API. To connect to our server, do one of two things: For an unsecured connection, use the server, Port 2680, local path /. For a secure connection (HTTPS, SSL) use the same local path /, but with server and Port 26443.

What is the newsletter?

The newsletter keeps you in touch with all the important news and developments at liliyang. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time. Just tick the corresponding checkbox in "My Account" which is right on top of your administration pages.

Recent Updates

On the right-hand side of the homepage you'll see the most recently updated weblogs. This list is called "Recent updates". Your blog will appear at the top of the list whenever you submit a new entry. The list is in chronological order, i.e. the most recent entry will always move to the top of the list.
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