How to delete my weblog

If you merely want to delete a single weblog and not terminate your account, please choose the weblog you want to delete in your Dashboard and go to "Feature index -> Alphabetical index -> Delete this blog". Deleting your whole account including all weblog can be done at "My account -> Account info". Instead of deleting your whole weblog or account, you can also delete your entries or single comments. You can also delete categories on your weblog. If you wish to make one of your entries invisible, just change the visibilty to "private".

Do I always have to login to edit my weblog?

Yes. Insert your username and password on the homepage and click "go!".

What is the quickest path to my weblog?

Insert your username and password on the liliyang homepage and click "Go!". You will be directed to your Dashboard. You can also look at your weblog without logging in by entering the URL of your site. The URL will always start with

Do I have to create categories on my weblog?

No. You can't place all entries on the starting page of your weblog and leave them there. What you can do is rename your starting page and define specific categories for different topics you write about. How? Click here.

Weblog title, address, description

You can edit the title of your weblog anytime. Choose the name of the weblog/photoblog you want to change and edit by following the path "Weblog -> More options -> Title & description". You can also add a short description to your weblog. The description - which should not exceed more than two sentences - will be displayed in some specific area of your weblog, depending on the layout you have selected. When registering you will find the address of your weblog/weblog name to be the same as your username, but you can also personalize the address of your weblog (URL) under "Weblog -> More options -> Weblog address".

Forgot your username/password?

If you forget your username and/or password, we will provide you with the lost information via email. Either click here or use the "forgotten your password?" link on the homepage. Due to security reasons, we can only send your access information (username & password) to the registered email address. If you cannot access this email account, you will not be able to receive the information.

What URL should I supply to my friends so they can find me?

You can access your weblog via You can also edit your URL individually.

Why do I have to supply my email address?

Your email address is necessary in order to prevent users registering under a false name and false email address. This could lead to illegal publishing content without fear of reproach. Also, many features allow for e-mail notifications and thus require a valid address.

Can I register without supplying an email address?

It is not possible to register for a weblog at liliyang without supplying your email address.

Change password and username

You can change your username on your Dashboard . Simply Click on the "My account" link located in the upper menu bar. Edit your information in the relevant window and confirm the changes by clicking "Save settings" at the very bottom of the page. For security reasons, you should change your password every six months.

Create password and username

We need you to select a password and username when you register at the site. Your username can only contain numbers and letters. Please note that your username will be part of your URL, so you can't include spaces or special characters. Your username isn't case sensitive. Your username gives you access to your weblog (i.e. You will also need a password in order to log in to your site. Your password should contain at least six characters and can be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. You can change your username, the URL (name of your weblog), the password, and the title at any given time.

How to register with this service

Simply click "Sign up now" on the homepage. You'll find a simple registration form asking you for your email address, password, etc. Just one click will submit your registration details. Click here for more information. For more information on How to edit your layout click here. For more information on creating your first entry, click How to create new entries
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