Can I change the name of links?

The name of the links on your favorites list will correspond with the title of the relevant weblog. Choose "Weblog" > "Links" and click the pencil icon next to the link you want to rename.

Can I edit the order of links on my link list?

In order to specify the order in which your links are displayed, follow the path "Weblog" > "Links". Clicking the arrow symbol will change the position of the links in the list. You can apply the same specifications for the order in which your link lists are displayed.

How can I create additional lists of Favorite Blogs/links?

If you need more than one list of favorite blogs/links, you can easily add more lists under "Weblog" > "Links". Just click "Create new list" and you've then created a new list of favorites! You can give the new list any name and add as many links to it as you wish. Note: adding a link to your list of favorites by choosing the link "add to my favorites" on a liliyang weblog will automatically add this link to the top list of favorites on your site.

I don't like the name "Favorite Blogs". Can I change this name?

Follow the path "Weblog" > "Links" and click the pencil icon next to the specific list (when holding your mouse over that icon you can see a short description). Now you can rename this list.

How can I inform my friends about my weblog?

The menu option "Community -> More options -> E-mail contact" in the administration view of your weblog enables you to send mails to all your friends, tell them about liliyang, and inform them of your personal blog URL. Simply insert the address and the text you'd like to send. You can also choose whether you want to receive a copy of the mail yourself. Click "send" in order to send the mail.

Can I only link to blogs within the community?

You can add other liliyang-blogs to your favorites list with just a simple click. Just log in and go to the particular weblog you want to bookmark. Then you can add it to your list by clicking the link "add to your favorites" - easy! It's also possible to link to blogs and sites outside the liliyang network. Choose "Weblog" > "Links" in order to create one or several lists containing your favorite links. Click the little plus icon right to the list you want the link to appear in and add the link of your choice.

What does "add to my Favorite Blogs" mean?

If you find yourself on a weblog you like, you have the option to add a link of it to your favorite blogs. Choose the feature "add to my favorites" and the blog will be displayed on your list. This option is only available if you are logged in. If you have already added a blog to your favorites list, you won't be able to see the link when you revisit the blog.

What are Favorite Blogs?

If you find an interesting weblog on liliyang, or anywhere else on the web, you might want to add it to your "favorite blogs". In order to create a list of your personal favorites, simply choose the feature "Weblog -> Links". Click the little plus icon on the right hand side and the link of your choice will be added to the list. Once you create your first entry, the list will be displayed on your weblog under the heading "Favorite Blogs". Whenever you are logged in to liliyang, it's really simple to add more blogs to your favorite list. On each blog you visit you'll find the link "add to my favorite blogs". You can delete the links anytime. Simply select the particular links by marking them and then follow the link "delete marked links".
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